today in ap euro one of the preppiest girls in my class saw my Avett Brothers teardrop jacket and said “oh, my god. how long have you liked the UH-vett Brothers? I LOVE them!”
“Uh…for a long time and it’s The AY-vett Brothers.”
“Well, sorry. I don’t hear their name pronounced every single day. Do you like Mumford & Sons?”
“Heck yes!”
“Me too! Have you heard their song ‘I Will Wait For You’? I love it!”
“…yes…yes I have heard it…”

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  1. leftonlauradarling said: ugh can not tell you how many times i’ve had to deal with the AH-VETT fiasco. and then when you try to correct them they don’t believe you and it’s like uh… do you want to start this. anyway, avett teardrop jacket what what where can i have it?
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